EME 810
Solar Resource Assessment and Economics

9.9 Summary and Final Tasks



In this lesson, we attempted to flesh out some major policy topics tied to solar energy. In doing so, we were able to describe the connections between policy-making and renewable energy adoption at the local, regional, and federal levels. We explored the deeper meanings and implications of solar rights and solar access, which engage multiple stakeholders from a local and regional government. Then, we addressed the policy and permitting barriers/opportunities in solar project development.

Recall that we want to help our client to manage risk in the social environment, through our skill in negotiating permitting and policy barriers within the given locale. A good solar resource and a sound financial return (in principle) alone doesn't guarantee the locale will even allow a SECS, or to implement a system in a financially responsible manner.

The research of Dr. Ostrom suggested to us how local community action for solar energy is not only possible but is actively used today in other similar industries, where the dynamic appropriation and provisioning challenges of a resource system and resource units are addressed in a sustainable fashion. In turn, we used that thought process to describe new and expanding methods for community solar development.

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