EME 810
Solar Resource Assessment and Economics

10.6 Discussion Activity


Ultra-Mega Solar

Now that we have seen indicators of the growth of solar globally in both rural and urban regions, let us discuss the next ultra-mega solar project that is being proposed for India...which was ultimately stopped and shifted to the state of Gujarat due to environmental concerns! Let us set the stage as if we were in 2013:

Research and discuss what has happened to the “best laid plans” over the following years (up until today). See what factors created barriers when the broader stakeholders become aware of the impacts of ultra-mega solar. Where did the larger plants actually get developed, and why in those locations, rather than in the desert near a sensitive ecosystem?

What would have been the likely outcomes in terms of the 4 ecosystems services if the project had moved forward to installation and commissioning, given the present ecosystem services of the Sambhar Lake area and the nearby capital city of Jaipur?

Finally, pose yourself in government at the State level. Think about what alternatives you would have recommended for this ambitious project(s)? Why are locale, and stakeholder preference, so important to solar design at the policy levels?

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Grading Criteria

You will be graded on the quality of your post and the thoughtful contributions you make to your classmates' posts. Please see the Discussion Expectations and Rubric under Orientation/Resources.

Deadline: please see the course calendar for specific due dates.