EME 811
Solar Thermal Energy for Utilities and Industry

11.4. Assignment


Robinson Crusoe Problem

Scenario: pretend that as a result of ship wreckage you find yourself on an isolated island with plenty of sunshine, but with no fresh water supply. Luckily some materials and some tools are washed out to the shore that can be used for building a solar desalination still.  

Assignment: create a design for the solar desalination still, identify the materials, and make a corresponding schematic of the system.

Key Question: How large should be the water basin under the still to safely provide for your daily potable water needs? Support your answer with necessary calculations.

Tip: The property to determine is mw - the hourly distillate output per square meter. Please use the chapter book resource referenced below to treat this problem analytically. You will need to find data or make educated assumptions on the system parameters and properties to include in this treatment. Please provide references to your sources.

Performance of Solar Stills:

Kalogirou, S.A., Solar Energy Engineering, Elsevier 2009. Section 8.3.2. p.436.

This book is avaialble online via Penn State library system.

Deliverable - Lesson 11 Assignment

Submit your report as a single PDF file to the Lesson 11 Dropbox in Canvas by 11:55 PM on Wednesday.