EM SC 240N
Energy and Sustainability in Contemporary Culture

Summary and Final Tasks



You should have provided critical, substantive feedback on another student's post, and received feedback on yours as well. You must also have provided an analysis of the rhetorical content of the book. 

Respond to the feedback on your original post and comment on other student's rhetorical analysis to earn more points!

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • critically analyze assertions made regarding the subject matter of the book;
  • analyze the rhetorical content of the book; and
  • analyze the evolution of your own thinking with regards to key energy and sustainability issues related to the book.

Reminder - Complete all of the lesson tasks!

These activities are to be done individually and are to represent YOUR OWN WORK. (See Academic Integrity and Research Ethics for a full description of the College's policy related to Academic Integrity and penalties for violation.)

If you have questions about the assignment, please post them to the "HAVE A QUESTION?" Discussion Forum. I am happy to provide clarification and guidance to help you understand the material and questions. Of course, it is best to ask early.