EM SC 240N
Energy and Sustainability in Contemporary Culture

Lesson 6: Critical Analysis of Energy and Sustainability Issues



Welcome to Module 2, and congratulations on successfully completing Module 1! There was quite a bit of information in those lessons, and I hope that you feel a sense of satisfaction that you have made it through and are moving on. I hope that it helped you build a reasonably strong foundation in the fields of energy and sustainability. There is a LOT more to learn (an infinite amount, really), but it should have provided you with a lot of the tools you will need to critically analyze sustainability- and energy-themed works.

In this Lesson, you will apply the knowledge that you have gained in Module 1 to analyze one or more energy- and sustainability-related media selections. These selections may come from a variety sources and are in various forms. Please keep in mind that you will encounter and utilize many of the terms from the first Module in this (and future) Modules, so it would not hurt to review them from time to time. I suggest at least looking over the "Language of Energy and Sustainability" terms and phrases at the ends of each Lesson in Module 1.

Your assignment for this lesson is a journal entry. See the course calendar for due date.

Lesson Objectives

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • critically analyze claims made in the energy- and sustainability-related article(s); and
  • analyze sources of information used to verify information.

What is due this week?

Lesson 6 Checklist
Requirement Item Location Submission Location
Lesson 6 Journal Entry See Journal content Canvas. Canvas - Modules tab > Lesson 6


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