EM SC 240N
Energy and Sustainability in Contemporary Culture

Text Version of Figure 3.10


Average production profiles for shale gas wells in major U.S. shale plays by years of operation (million cubic feet per year)

This is a line graph. The x-axis is million cubic feet per year and goes from 1,750 to 0. The y-axis is year of operation and includes data points for years 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20.

There are 5 lines. One each for Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Woodford, Marcellus, and Fayetteville. They all fall precipitously in the first 5 years of operation and end near zero by year 20. 

  • Haynesville begins at 1,750
  • Eagle Ford begins around 1,200
  • Woodford begins around 750
  • Marcellus and Fayetteville both begin around 450