EM SC 240N
Energy and Sustainability in Contemporary Culture

Social Media


I hope that you will see that Energy and Sustainability are much more than topics to be discussed and analyzed in a college course setting. I hope that you will post interesting news/thoughts/videos/etc. to the Coffee Shop discussion board in Canvas.

But new for 2017, I created an EM SC 240N Twitter account, @emsc240. I may tweet from time to time, but the main reason this was created is to give you the opportunity to share relevant tweets with the rest of the class. To do this, you, of course, must first have a Twitter account by going to the Twitter homepageParticipation in this is optional, and items that you share will have no impact on your course grade.

After you have created an account, you can tweet at the course account by tweeting @emsc240. To do this, just include the text @emsc240 in your tweet. You can also retweet @emsc240 to do this. I have to approve (retweet) in order for anything to be posted, and I will try to do this as frequently as possible (hopefully once every few days). Full disclosure: Tweets do not always show up in my mentions for some reason (I'm working on this), so if I miss something I apologize in advance.

Important note: I will do my best to filter appropriate content, but will not be able to look through all content of articles, videos, or other content that you tweet at me. It is up to you to post appropriate content, and I take no responsibility for the content of your posts. I suggest taking a look at the netiquette guidelines, and frankly, use common sense. No abusive or threatening language will be tolerated. I reserve the right to refuse to repost any content I do not think is appropriate. This account is designed solely for energy and/or sustainability-related content, and I reserve the right not to post anything not directly related to these topics.

It is likely that you will not agree with everything that is posted (and likely I won't either). If so, take the opportunity to use it as a basis for discussion and possible learning. We are all adults here and should be able to have mature discussions about issues that we are sensitive to.

If anyone has any issues with content posted, please email me and I will address it as best as I can.

I may add social media opportunities as the semester progresses, and as indicated by the optional social media survey here.