EM SC 302
Orientation to Energy and Sustainability Policy

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Quick Facts about EM SC 302

  • Instructor - Haley Sankey, Lecturer, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  • Authors - There are a number of individuals who have contributed content, ideas or activities to this orientation course. They include each of the faculty involved in the Energy and Sustainability Policy program.
  • Overview - EM SC 302 is a required course for the Bachelor of Arts in Energy Sustainability and Policy online degree program, geared towards students who are studying at a distance. EM SC 302 provides an orientation to the goals of the Energy and Sustainability Policy (ESP) degree program, helping students to successfully prepare for the five program learning outcomes. The course is conducted as a group seminar, with topics that are designed to provide an initial understanding of program outcomes: energy industry knowledge, global perspective, analytical skills, communication skills, and sustainability ethics. Students are expected to actively engage in discussions and work hands-on with online tools in activities that will allow them to gain an understanding of what it means to successfully participate as an ESP student in different educational and course contexts. Students are evaluated based on active class participation, written assignments, and class presentations. This course is intended to be taken during the first semester after being admitted to the ESP program.
  • Learning Environment - This website provides the primary instructional materials for the course. The Resources menu links to important supporting materials, while the Course Outline menu links to the course lessons. Beginning this semester, we're using Penn State's learning management system, ANGEL to support the delivery of this course as well, as it provides the primary communications, calendaring, and submission tools for the course.
  • Topics of Study - The content of this course is divided into 12 lessons. Each lesson will be completed in approximately 1 week. Lesson learning activities take the form of discussions, quizzes, and online learning activities. For a detailed course schedule for this semester, please see the course syllabus.
    • Lesson 1: Orientation
    • Lesson 2: ANGEL
    • Lesson 3: ESP People, Resources, and Outcomes
    • Lesson 4: Working Collaboratively
    • Lesson 5: Understanding Your ESP Degree - Part 1
    • Lesson 6: Understanding Your ESP Degree - Part 2
    • Lesson 7: Sustainability Ethic
    • Lesson 8: Energy Industry Knowledge
    • Lesson 9: Analytical Skills
    • Lesson 10: Global Perspective
    • Lesson 11: Communication
    • Lesson 12: Ethics
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