EMSC 302
Orientation to Energy and Sustainability Policy

Welcome to EMSC 302!


Video: Haley Sankey's Introduction (0:35)

Haley Sankey's introduction
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Hi everyone, I’m Haley Sankey, the primary instructor for EMSC 302. In 302, the orientation course, we’ll cover a lot of things to help you be successful as an ESP and Wrold Campus student. We’ll talk about things about things like how to use the Penn State library system, how to understand where you stand in your degree completion path, and we’ll cover the learning competencies for the program so that you have a better understanding of what you got yourself into.

I look forward to working with all of you and good luck!

Credit: EMSC 302 

What You'll Learn

EMSC 302 provides an orientation to online learning as well as the five pillars of the ESP degree program. The course covers topics that are designed to assist students in their pursuit of the ESP degree, including useful resources, and a review of the program competency areas: energy industry knowledge, global perspective, analytical skills, communication skills, and sustainability ethics. 

What Our Students Say

"It was a great introductory course. Enjoyed every lesson."
"This course is great, because you get a high level overview of what the entire program is about."
"I liked the style of this course. It was a good start since I was new to online classes."

About the Energy and Sustainability Policy Degrees

This course is part of Penn State’s Online Energy and Sustainability Policy degree programs. For more information on our award-winning program and courses, see the Program Office.