EMS Faculty Studio

About the Studio

The EMS Faculty Studio in 4 Hosler is available by appointment to record video for online and residential classes with our multimedia specialist & videographer Kay DiMarco. The EMS Faculty Studio includes Lightboard technology that enables you to work through content as if you were at a whiteboard...without making students watch a video of your back as you go! The resulting video lets your students easily review your mini-lectures at home. You can reach Kay at FacultyStudio@e-education.psu.edu.

The Lightboard

Use of the lightboard (also called a clear screen) allows you to explain and draw simultaneously. Students can see instructor's gestures and can take cues from facial expressions, and the instructor’s conversational tone encourages a personal, social connection.

Using the lightboard is easy, and no, you don’t have to write backward!

Lightboard tips and other lightboards available on campus

Record in the studio or on location

Check out this compilation of excerpts from past productions.

Recordings promote personalized, flexible learning, as students can re-watch as needed, adjust speed, or engage with accessible, captioned speech.





Recorded demonstrations allow you to physically display a tool or process, show the use of software, or exhibit the navigation of a website.



Advance the idea of a learning community made up of students, instructors, and field experts. Expert interviews can bring real-world connections to your course and can highlight practical applications of material.

Content Introductions

Content Introduction videos can be used to build enthusiasm for upcoming subject matter. They can capture teacher expertise, empathy, and persona, all of which help students engage. 

Learning Design Consultation

Do you have an assessment that’s not working as you want it to? Would you like to try a new activity in your large enrollment class, but aren’t sure how that might work? Do you want to try “flipping your classroom?” Would you like to use the new EMS Faculty Studio to create some Lightboard videos, but aren’t sure what would be good content to use? Dutton Institute Learning Designers are available to help: Learning Design Services

Our Videographer

With a Chemistry degree from Penn State and decades of making video content to inform and inspire, Kay DiMarco is here to support your studio endeavors. Kay was the supervising editor for Right on the Money, a national PBS show, and has worked as a director of photography, editor, writer and producer for corporations and public service organizations. Videographer and science communicator, she looks forward to working with you.