FSC 432
Petroleum Processing

Exercise 5


Exercise 5 Instructions

A coil visbreaker operates at 475°C for 1 min. How long will it take to achieve the same thermal severity at 440°C in a soaker visbreaking process? An apparent Arrhenius activation energy for thermal cracking is given as 45 kcal/mol. Show each step of calculations in your answer.

Instructions for Submitting Response:

Once you have a solution to the exercises you will submit your answers as a PDF by uploading your file to be graded. The MS Word, or Excel files should be saved as a PDF before submitting the exercise. Please Note: Scans of handwritten pages are not acceptable.

Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Find the Exercise 5 assignment in the Lesson 6 Module by either clicking Next until you find it or by clicking Assignments and scrolling down until you find it.
  2. Make sure that your name is in the document title before uploading it to the correct assignment (i.e. Lesson5_Exercise6_Tom Smith).