FSC 432
Petroleum Processing

Exercise 8


Exercise 8 Instructions

  1. Estimate the hydrogen consumption required to completely remove the sulfur from a hydrotreater feedstock and to reduce the nitrogen content of the product to 15 ppm by weight. The 48.5 °API naphtha feedstock to the hydrotreater contains 0.62% sulfur, 0.15% nitrogen, 0.09% oxygen by weight. You should assume that oxygen species would react with hydrogen first for complete removal of oxygen. Indicate any other assumption you would like to make about your calculations. 30 pts
  2. Solve Problem 5 at the end of Chapter 12 in your textbook to calculate the pour point of the following mixture and compare it with the value calculated by assuming linear blending. 40 pts
    Component Barrels ASTM 50% Temp °F Pour Point, °F
    A 5200 575 10
    B 3000 425 50
    C 6500 500 65
    D 3250 550 45
  3. Solve Problem 6 at the end of Chapter 12 to calculate the viscosity of the following ternary blend at 130 °F.
    Component Barrels Viscosity (cSt) Temp  (°F)
    A 2000 75.5 130
    B 3000 225 130
    C 5000 6500 130

Note that you may use Table 12.3 to obtain viscosity blending index numbers. 30 pts

Instructions for Submitting Your Answers:

Once you have a solution to the exercises you will submit your answers as a PDF by uploading your file to be graded. The MS Word, or Excel files should be saved as a PDF before submitting the exercise. Please Note: Scans of handwritten pages are not acceptable.

Please follow the instructions below.

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