FSC 432
Petroleum Processing

Summary and Final Tasks



Supporting processes are essential to the operation of a refinery. These processes have become more important as the crude oil base has become more sour. The demand for hydrogen has increased to support the required finishing processes for heteroatom removal and recovery of sulfur and metals. Refineries have become major producers of elemental sulfur for the chemical industry.

Learning Outcomes

You should now be able to:

  • outline and assess the processes for acid gas removal and elemental sulfur recovery from H2S;
  • discuss and illustrate sources of hydrogen and hydrogen production processes;
  • assess primary water toxicants and waste water characterization parameters, and outline waste water treatment processes.

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What is due for Lesson 10?

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Lesson 10 Tasks
Reading: J. H. Gary and G. E. Handwerk, Chapter 13 (Supporting Processes)
Assignments: Exercise 9


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