GEOG 128
Geography of International Affairs

Women of War


Here, we examine the role of women in war – most specifically as volunteer, enlisted soldiers. The reviews and interviews below highlight the changing role of women in the military (in the United States) and the opportunities and challenges entaileded in this shift. Again, what are the multiple structures (political, economic, religious, ethnicity, age, gender, etc.) that have created the “opportunities and constraints” within which the individual must navigate? The case study here is interesting (if you were able to read the book “Soldier Girls”) because of the different identities (to some degree) the three profiled women occupy.

To Read

NYTimes book review of Soldier Girls, by Helen Thorpe – explores the lives of three women who signed up for the National Guard prior to 9/11.

NPR interview of Helen Thorpe

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Now watch The Daily Show Interview with Helen Thorpe, in two parts:

The Daily Show Interview with Helen Thorpe: Part 1

The Daily Show Interview with Helen Thorpe: Part 2