GEOG 128
Geography of International Affairs



We are very happy that you have decided to join us this semester. Before we begin our semester of study together, it is important that you review all of the material in the Orientation and on our course syllabus. These two resources will prepare you to be successful in this course and will make the journey over this semester significantly easier for you.

What will we learn about in the Orientation?

  • An overview of Canvas, Penn State's course management system
  • An overview of the course website
  • Technical requirements for this course
  • How to succeed in this course
  • Where to get course assistance if you need it

What is due for the Orientation?

Optimally, you should complete the Orientation before the first week of class so you are prepared.

The following is an overview of the activities that must be submitted for the Orientation. Detailed directions and submission instructions are located on the page containing the assignment within this orientation.

Orientation Tasks
Tasks Page of Orientation
Personalize your Canvas space. Canvas Activities
Set up your Canvas Notification preferences. Canvas Activities
Sign up for a Google account. Google Apps
Create your free Box account. Box at Penn State
Complete Individual Mini-Video Introduction Assignment. WeVideo
Complete Canvas Video Posting Permission Survey. WeVideo

(Note: You may want to print this page to serve as a checklist as you go along.)

Have you looked at the syllabus yet?

This Orientation complements and expands on the information provided on the syllabus. If you haven't read it, be sure to review that document carefully! It is linked from this website and may also be available in Canvas.


If you have any questions, please send them to All Course Faculty through Canvas e-mail. We will check daily to respond. If your question is one that is relevant to the entire class, we may respond to the entire class rather than individually.

What is next? 

Once you are ready, click the next link in the orientation menu and work all the way to the end of the list.