Food and the Future Environment

Capstone Project Stage 1 Assignment


Capstone Project Stage 1 Assignment

Modules 1-3

The diagram below summarizes the topics you will explore in Stage 1 for your region based on what we've covered in Modules 1, 2, and 3. For Stage 1, you will do your data collection on your own, and submit a PowerPoint and your completed worksheet electronically via Canvas.

Schematic of Capstone stage one, see text description in link below
Click for a text description of the Capstone Stage 1 image

This diagram outlines the requirements for Capstone Stage 1, Introduction to your regional food system, history and diet/nutrition, as follows:

Introduction to your region

  • Describe physical environment
  • Describe human environment
  • Explore the history of food system
  • Discuss Diet & Nutrition

What to do for Stage 1?

  • Confirm with your instructor which region you will be studying.
  • Make a CHNS diagram similar to the one included in this worksheet based on the information you’re gathering about your region. At each capstone stage, you will be able to remake it, add more to it, and/or refine it.
  • Complete the worksheet below that contains a table summarizing the data you’ll need to collect to complete this stage. There are questions in the left column, and space to answer them in the right column. It’s very important that you cite the source of each piece of information that you type into the right column with an in-text citation and a list full end citation at the end of the document. Please include at least 3 peer-reviewed academic sources.
    • You need to think deeply about each response and write responses that reflect the depth of your thought as informed by your research. Do not just write one-word answers.
    • Include questions that you have about your region related to the key course topics covered so far in the Stage 1 worksheet. Be sure to include in this document a record of your efforts to answer the questions so far. Also, there is space at the end to paste in links to any sites you visit that you think might be helpful in the future.
  • Create a PowerPoint file that you’ll use to store maps, data, graphs, photos, etc. that you collect related to your assigned region. For every piece of information that you put in your PowerPoint file, you MUST include a citation that clearly explains where that piece of information came from.
  • Submit your Stage 1 PowerPoint file and worksheet per the guidance from your instructor. (see rubric below for assessment).


Download the worksheet for Capstone Project Stage 1

Capstone Project Overview: Where do you stand?

Upon completion of Stage 1, you should have started to investigate your assigned region and have added information, maps and data to your worksheets and PowerPoint file.

Upon completion of stage 1, you should have at this point:

  1. Confirmed which region you will study for your capstone project.
  2. Initiated research and data compilation in the Stages 1 table in the associated Stages 1 worksheets.
    • Stage 1: Regional food setting, history of regional food systems, diet/nutrition
  3. Created a PowerPoint file to hold the data that you are collecting about the food system of your assigned region. Information you may have:
    • Labeled map of your region
    • Soil map of your region
    • Precipitation map of your region
  4. Keep track of all of the resources and references you use. Remember to include at least 3 peer-reviewed academic sources.
  5. Compiled an initial list of questions you have about your region related to key course topics and initiated significant efforts to answer.
  6. Begun to create a CHNS diagram(s) for your region that illustrates the coupled human-natural systems of your food region.
Rubric for Stage 1 Assessment
Criteria Possible Points
Stage 1 worksheet and ppt files for region uploaded to dropbox by deadline 5
All questions in the Stage 1 worksheet answered thoughtfully with evidence of research into the region 10
PowerPoint file includes relevant images, graphs, and data for region 10
Proper citations are included for all items in worksheet and PowerPoint 5
Total Possible Points 30