Food and the Future Environment

Formative Assessment: Using a Diet Assessment Tool


Formative Assessment: Using a Diet Assessment Tool


In this assessment, you will use an online diet assessment tool to test how different foods contribute to the total nutrients in a daily diet. You will follow along in the instruction sheet, and log the nutrient content (e.g. calories, total fat, vitamin C) for each diet option in an excel spreadsheet, to be able to compare the diets.

Download both the instructions and worksheet (word doc) and the excel spreadsheet for logging the results. The spreadsheet has color-coding of cells to transform the data you log into a color that indicates deficiency or sufficiency, which will help you to interpret the result.

We will use the tool My Food Record for this assessment. Important: you should use the "one-day analysis" under the "analyze" tab so that you do not have to create an account and can just log in as a guest. You should open this online nutrition assessment tool in an adjoining window or a different browser so you can see the instructions for the assessment and the online tool at the same time.

Submitting Your Assignment

Please submit your assignment in Module 3 Formative Assessment in Canvas.