Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems

Learning Activity: Create Your Own Learning Activity


It's the last Learning Activity of the semester. Let's have some fun!

Learning Activity Directions

Part I: Create your entry

By now, you should have a pretty good sense of what makes for a good and engaging learning activity submission. Now, I ask you to create your own learning activity. In doing so, be sure to explain what 'assignment' you're giving yourself for the learning activity, and what you need to do to fulfill this assignment. Then, you will complete your self-given assignment.

The format, presentation, and content of your assignment are up to you! I ask only that you create an activity that is creative, thoughtful, and challenging. But please do make sure that your self-given assignment relates to biodiversity and engages course concepts. Here are some optional suggestions and guidelines, but please feel free to diverge completely from these.

  1. Include content from prior learning activities that you've done, or from any other part of the course.
  2. Include a systems diagram. (NOTE: For help on creating a diagram or concept map using Google Docs or help on how to embed these images within your post, see the "Creating Diagrams or Concept Maps with Google Docs" page in the Resources block.)
  3. Include something from current events, or your own life, or something else that deeply matters to you.

Post your response

To post your Learning Activity response, go to the Module 10 Learning Activity: Create Your Own Learning Activity Forum in Canvas.

  • Select Reply from the instructor's original post.
  • Copy/paste your initial/original response to the Learning Activity into the text box from a saved Word document (to prevent losing work if the page refreshes, etc.).
  • Select Post Reply. Your response is now visible to your classmates and your instructor. Check in to the discussion forum often throughout the week to post and respond to comments and questions.

Part II: Read and comment on other students' entries

Read other students' entries

After you post to the discussion forum, other students' posts will become available for you to read. Read through entries by about 20 other students to see some other ideas. Pick two of these students to write comments on their entries. Pick students whose entries do not already have a comment on them. If all of the entries already have comments, then pick students whose entries only have one comment on them. Also, pick students whose entries are interesting to you for any reason.

Post a comment

Post a comment on the two entries you have chosen. Briefly introduce yourself and what you wrote for your own entry. Then respond to their entry in some way by using concepts from this or other modules. You might compare and contrast your own entry with theirs. You might ask a question, or pose a challenge based on course concepts. As always, keep your comments polite and respectful.

The comment should be 4-6 sentences long.

Grading Criteria

You will be graded on the quality of your participation. See the Grading Rubric for specifics on how this assignment will be graded (accessible through “Resources” >> "Grading Rubric").