Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems

Final Project: Overview


A major component of Geography 30 web is your final project. It consists of 30% of your final grade for the course. Given the significance of this project to your final grade, it is very important to start on your project early and to work steadily on it throughout the semester. 

Your final project will take the form of a research paperI am asking you to evaluate a particular sustainability/environmental challenge drawing on what you've learned in the course and to make a policy recommendation. To assist you, the project is broken into three components. Each component is a separate submission, and collectively they comprise 30% of your final course grade. 

  1. Topic selection (2.5% of class grade)
  2. Sources and references (7.5% of class grade)
  3. Write up (20% of class grade)

Please refer to Canvas for due dates for each component. Please note that no late submissions for any of the components will be accepted

Questions? Please post to the Q&A Discussion or email the teaching staff for extra help.