Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems

Final Project Part II: Sources, Referencing, and Course Concepts


In this part of the Final Project, you will gain experience learning how to gather CREDIBLE sources for your final paper as well as to learn how to properly cite your sources. Additionally, you will start thinking through which course concepts you plan to engage in your final paper. 

This assignment has 3 components: (75 points total; 7.5% of grade)

(1)  Do some background research and compile a reference list of 5 CREDIBLE sources that you will use in your final paper. Your list should include at least 3 sources from peer reviewed academic literature. All sources should be cited using Chicago Style referencing. Please review the resources on the course syllabus for details on the Chicago Referencing style. 

Please review the following information from the library to learn more about how to evaluate sources. The Information Rubric from the library is particularly useful for identifying CREDIBLE sources. Please pay particular attention to guidance given on how to avoid 'fake news' sites. Fake news sites are not credible sources! 

In a nutshell:

a.     CREDIBLE sources are items such as peer reviewed academic literature, reputable mainstream newspapers, government statistics and publications.

b.     NON-CREDIBLE resources are Wikipedia, professors’ lectures or email correspondence with professors and teaching staff, propaganda websites and literature.

c.     If you have doubts concerning the credibility of a source, please ask the teaching staff! 

(2)  Write a draft paragraph of 150-200 words from your analysis section in which you cite one of your sources. This is to give you experience with referencing! For additional assistance with how to reference, please review the following sources and examples from the library website for assistance on how to reference sources

Importantly, the point of a reference list is not to identify every piece of research you have read on your chosen question. Instead, the point of a reference list is to list the CREDIBLE sources you cite within the body of your paper. The objective of citing sources is to back up the arguments/claims you are making in your paper. If you list facts and figures in your paper, these should definitely be cited. 

(3)  Identify two course concepts that you will use in your paper. Briefly discuss, in 250-300 words, how, specifically, you will apply these concepts in your analysis. For additional help with how to engage course concepts, please review the following information on the course website.

Please upload your sources and paragraphs as a Word Document to the "Final Project Part II" drop box on Canvas. When naming the file, include your last name first. For example, Hong_sources.docx (please no pdfs, rtfs, etc).