Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human-Environment Systems

Final Project Part III: Final Paper


The last part of the final paper is to write the paper! Your paper should be 2,500 words, excluding references, and must contain the following four parts. Please pay particular attention to the word limits listed for each section. 

1.     Background (500 words): Introduce and briefly expand on the challenge outlined in your chosen question. Explain terms and concepts and give historical context.

2.     Analysis (1500 words): Address the two questions listed at the end of each question description.

a.     Engage at least two course concepts of your choosing in your analysis.

b.     Critical evaluation is not simply a summary or description of a problem. Instead, critical evaluation requires you to examine a range of evidence and to make your own assessment about the validity of claims made. You should carefully support your assessment with reference to CREDIBLE sources (see more under Part 4, references).

c.     Evaluating Tradeoffs means to carefully consider the arguments/positions for and against a particular issue. The goal of evaluating tradeoffs is to present a balanced evaluation that considers all sides of an argument. 

3.     Recommendation (500 words): What actions do you propose should be taken as a result of your analysis? What are the likely impacts if your actions are taken?   

4.     References: Cite at least 15 CREDIBLE sources to support your paper. You should cite your sources within the text of your paper and include a reference list at the end of your report. All references should be formatted following the Chicago Manual of Style. For assistance with referencing, please refer back to Part II of the final project, as well as the feedback you received on this assignment. 

Your paper should be formatted as follows:

a.     Double spaced

b.     1-inch margins

c.     12 point Times New Roman font

d.     Word document

Grading and Submission:

The final paper is worth 200 points, or 20% of your final course grade. Please see Canvas page for due dates. No late submissions will be accepted, no exceptions.

Your grade will be allocated as follows:

  1. Background: 40 points
  2. Analysis: 60 points
  3. Recommendation: 40 points
  4. Referencing: 40 points
  5. Formatting and grammar: 20 points

Please upload your report as a Word Document to the "Final Project Part III" drop box on Canvas. When naming the file, include your last name first. For example, Hong_final report.docx (please no pdfs, Mac files...); not naming it correctly might incur deduction.