GEOG 430
Human Use of the Environment

Week 9 Assignments


This week, we have learned about how natural resource extraction is shaped by political struggles, and how it can transform the environment and the lives of those who live and work in landscapes of extraction. We have focused on the natural gas and oil industries to consider the social, economic, and environmental impacts of natural resource extraction. We have studied how ideas of scarcity and overproduction influence decisions about who has the right to extract what resources, where, how, and what kinds of protections are put in place for the people and environments that are impacted the most. And, we have also examined how government regulation can shape the impacts of natural resource extraction.


  • Take Week 9 Quiz by Tuesday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.
  • Submit your 3rd current event essay by Thursday at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.
  • Be working on your Final Essay Outline (due on Tuesday of Week 10).

All assignments will be submitted in Canvas, check the calendar in Canvas for specific due dates.