GEOG 430
Human Use of the Environment



We have grappled with some of the key concepts that geographers use to understand human uses of the environment. We have unpacked ideas like Overpopulation, Scarcity, and Nature, and found that they are much more complicated than they might seem at first. This week, we will put our advanced understanding of human-environment geography to use!

This week's topic is the Commodity Chain. You have only one assigned item to read, watch, and complete your regular assignments for: a multimedia presentation of the commodity chain of a T-Shirt.

Assignments Due During Week 6:

  • Take the Quiz Week 6 by Tuesday at 11:59 pm Eastern.
  • Submit your 2nd Current Event Essay by Thursday at 11:59 pm Eastern.
  • Begin working on your Final Essay Component: Bibliography (it's due Tuesday of Week 7).

Material for Week 6:

  • Watch the NPR production on how a t-shirt is made.

Week 6 Objectives:

At the end of this week, you should be able to:

  • explain what a commodity chain is and how it helps us better understand human uses of the environment;
  • explain the components of the commodity chain of a T-Shirt;
  • analyze some of the social and environmental impacts of producing and transporting a T-Shirt; and
  • use the analytic tool of a commodity chain to think about the commodities you use every day, where they come from, and what places, environments, and people were involved in making it and getting it to you.

Let's dive in!