GEOG 430
Human Use of the Environment

Week 1 Reading


Reading Assignment

Moseley, W. G., Perramond, E., Hapke, H. M., & Laris, P. (2014). An introduction to human-environment geography: local dynamics and global processes. John Wiley & Sons.

We’ll begin this semester with the first chapter from one of the leading Human-Environment Geography textbooks. This chapter is meant to make sure we are all on the same page. It offers a great introduction to some of the major themes we will encounter during this semester. Reading this will help you understand what Human-Environment Geography is and how it might relate to some of the more specific issues we talk about in this course. It will also be helpful for you as you get ready to write your first Current Event Essay which will be due in Week 3. 

Registered students can access a copy of this reading in the Week 1 Module in Canvas.