GEOG 432
Energy Policy



This lesson has been an introduction to the concept of policy: what kinds of policy exist, what purposes they serve, and what this means for energy systems. In this lesson, we've examined the different types of policy and how they may or may not work for energy policy in particular. Are you thinking about how all of these concepts will factor into your Research Project?

Important Concepts to take away from this lesson

One of the main themes you should take away from this lesson is that there is a whole host of policy options out there to address all sorts of environmental and energy challenges facing us today. It's important to understand that some options are better suited to certain problems. We need to make sure we're able to match the goals of the intended policy with the strengths of the policy option to help ensure successful passage and implementation. We also examined the different audiences for policy - public and private. Will your research focus on public policy at the federal or subnational level, or will you be investigation a private corporation? 

Now that we've established this foundation, we can explore historical, current, and potential energy policy at a variety of geographic scales in the next lesson.

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