Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Lesson 7 Writing Assignment

Lesson 7 Writing Assignment
Activity Details
Assignment Choose a specific population and discuss its vulnerability to a specific direct impact of climate change on human health, with emphasis on the three facets of vulnerability as described in the lesson and the reading assignment.
Integrating the Writing Symposium into your Assignment This week's Symposium discussed run-on and long sentences. As you work on your writing assignment this week, be thinking about
  • three ways in which run-on sentences occur;
  • three ways to fix run-on sentences;
  • two reasons why you should avoid writing overly long sentences;
  • how often you should write a long sentence;
  • the way to make a long sentence seem shorter.
Requirements, Submission Instructions, and Grading

The formatting and submission criteria for these assignments is specific and unique. Please visit the Writing Assignment page to ensure you understand expectations and grading criteria for these assignments.