Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Lesson 4 Writing Assignment

Lesson 4 Writing Assignment
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Pacala and Socolow (2004) demonstrate that it is possible to scale up current technologies to stabilize carbon emissions over the next 50 years. They explain that all of these technologies are already used at industrial scales and, consequently, are feasible options for massive implementation. Socolow revisits the concept of stabilization wedges in 2011.

Choose one stabilization wedge from the readings and research our current progress toward achieving it using both assigned readings and additional supporting materials if desired.

Integrating the Writing Symposium into your Assignment

This week's symposium focused on transitions. As you compose your submissions, be mindful of

  • the role transitions play in helping the reader understand the connections you're making between ideas
  • the different types of both transitions of logic and transitions of thought that can make your writing more impactful.
Requirements, Submission Instructions, and Grading

The formatting and submission criteria for these assignments is specific and unique. Please visit the Writing Assignment page to ensure you understand expectations and grading criteria for these assignments.