Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Lesson 10 Writing Assignment

Lesson 10 Writing Assignment
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Rowell and van Zeben (2016) argue that the framework of the Paris Agreement (curtailing warming to a minimum of 2 C but ideally cutting much closer to 1.5 C) helps create a new status quo for emissions and will have a noticable psychological impact on people's perceptions of the policy and, perhaps more importantly, their own behaviors. They also discuss the unique challenge of climate change because it is such a broadly scoped problem, spanning lengthy time periods and encompassing the entire globe.  Discuss your views about the importance of achieving this new status quo and integrate an external source which supports the position that the goal-setting structure of the Paris Agreement does create a more tangible incentive to achieve steep reductions.

Integrating the Writing Symposium into your Assignment In addition to writing carefully and strategically for your intended audience, this writing assignment should demonstrate appropriate command over all of the symposium topics we have covered in class.
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