Human Dimensions of Global Warming



Climate policy is still in its infancy. There is much to learn about developing strong, lasting policies to reduce emissions and impacts. There are many mistakes to make. Currently, international and national climate policy is struggling because of conflicts between and within nations. The next lesson focuses on these conflicts in the U.S.

In this lesson, you learned what climate policy is, and you studied four different levels of that policy: international, national, regional, and local. Through the Hartwell Paper, you investigated what is wrong with the UNFCCC approach to developing international climate policy and found out about an alternative framing that might be a better way for the world to address this complex problem. The writing assignment gave you the opportunity to convince the readers of the New York Times that it might be time to rethink the UNFCCC process; the discussion gave you a chance to influence policymakers in Washington, DC. All in all, it was a busy, but productive lesson.

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