Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Lesson 10 Discussion

Lesson 10 Discussion Assignment
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Imagine you've just sat down to Thanksgiving dinner.  Your ever-the-contrarian uncle hears you're taking a class about climate change and uses the opportunity to loudly make his opposition (to the existence of anthropogenic climate change) known.  Wanting to educate rather than argue, write us a bit of a 'script' of how that conversation might go.  This is a great exercise in knowing your audience, which is what last week's writing symposium covered.

Please remember that your post must not contain foul or offensive language.  Your rebuttal to Uncle Climate Denier should instead focus on the facts, and perhaps pull in facts about the issue which might really give him pause.  (For example, is Uncle Climate Denier a farmer?  What angle could you take in your talk with him if that's the case?  Maybe he's a coal miner?  A school teacher?  A doctor?  Use your imagination!)  We want you to be effective in communicating the consequences of climate change to a broad and diverse audience, so there's no better place to start than with your own (fictitious) family.

No pumpkin pie unless you can make some progress with Uncle Climate Denier's understanding of the issue!  

Requirements, Submission Instructions, and Grading

For more detailed instructions about the discussion component of this course, including how you will be graded on these assignments, please visit the Discussions page in our Resources.