Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Writing Assignments Lessons 1-6


Components of your submission:

The first half of the course, we'll focus on the mechanics of the writing assignments, with emphasis on the editorial process. For each weekly writing assignment, you need to follow the following formatting and editorial standards. Failure to do so will result in the loss of points. Why? Because in addition to learning about climate change this semester, you are also learning to follow specific instructions and to utilize embedded software editorial tools to help you strengthen your self-editing and consequently improve your written communication skills.

Does my writing assignment submission check the following boxes?

Resource Table 1: Formatting Requirement Checklist
Check Box Requirements
   Proper use of headers: full name on the left side an assignment number on the right side 
One inch margins all around the page
12 point serif font such as Times New Roman (What is a serif font?)
Double-spaced text
      Final draft 200-300 words
Submitted in .doc or .docx format
APA citation style properly employed both for in-text citations and a reference list

Contains all three required drafts:

  1. Unedited First Draft - initial draft of your paragraph
  2. Edited Second Draft - includes editorial revisions visible utilizing Track Changes
  3. Clean Final Draft - editorial revisions integrated into final draft, no edits visible - clean copy

Properly employs Track Changes:

  1. Insertion/deletion of text (required) - this is where you do your actual editing.  You add words/phrases, remove them, move them, etc.  
  2. Comment bubbles (optional) - This is where you make comments about your writing.  For example, you may highlight a small passage of text and write something in the comment box such as, "Find a corresponding example to support this better." Think of this feature as an electrionic Post-It notepad.
  • First draft: page 1
    1. Title this page, 'First Draft.'
    2. Write the first draft.
    3. Insert a page break at the end of the paragraph. Insert→ BreakPage Break
  • Second draft: page 2
    Resource Table 2: Microsoft Track Changes Instructions
    Item Microsoft 2007 and older Microsoft Office 2010 and newer
    Turning on Track Changes View → Toolbars → Reviewing  Review tab Track Changes → Track Changes
    Setting preferences (if first time using Track Changes)

    Preferences → Track Changes

    Review tab expand the box in the lower righthand corner of the review ribbon to get Track Changes Options → Advanced Options
    Preference settings to establish


    1. Title this page, 'Second Draft.'
    2. Copy your first draft. If your first draft was an outline, however, write a paragraph draft.
    3. Access the editing toolbar by doing the following: Turn on Track Changes and edit your second draft paragraph, using the preferences described in Resource Table 2.
    4. Insert a page break at the end of the paragraph.
  • Final draft (clean copy); page 3
    1. ​Title this page, 'Final Draft.'
    2. Copy the second draft to this third and final page. Highlight just this page (but be careful not to include the first and second pages) and Accept All Changes Shown on the Reviewing Toolbar (Microsoft Word). This should give you a clean, final copy of the edited paragraph you worked on in the second draft. No editing marks from Track Changes should be present.

Submission Instructions

To submit your weekly writing assignments:

  1. Go to the appropriate Module in Canvas.
  2. Click on the Lesson X Writing Assignment.
  3. Click the Submit Assignment button.
  4. Upload the file from your computer by selecting the Choose File button.  When the file window appears, locate and click the name of the file you wish to upload.  At the bottom of the window, click to the Choose or Browse button (depending on your browser).
  5. Click the Submit Assignment button.


Each writing assignment you submit will be the product of at least one round of thorough editing which should culminate in one cohesive, well-written paragraph as your final product. The rubric template below illustrates how each assignment will be graded. 

Writing Assignment Rubric
Criteria Points Possible
Content Accurately addresses each facet of the writing assignment prompt with sufficient detail and context of the human dimensions of climate change. 

*Note: The 50 points devoted to addressing each facet of the prompt will be specifically tailored to each individual assignment.


Appropriately cites course and external content utilized in the essay. (10)

Thoroughly edited for spelling, grammatical, and other technical errors. (10)

Properly formatted according to prescribed requirements in Resource Tables 1 and 2 on this page. (10)

Accurately utilizes track changes for editorial revision of the second draft. (10)

Demonstrates clear command of the writing symposium topic (lesson 2 onward) from current and previous lessons. (10)