Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Writing Assignments Lesson 7-12


Components of your submission:

Now that you've had the chance to establish good editorial practices and you're more familiar with course expectations for submissions, we will more heavily focus on the content of the essays because the formatting mechanics are second nature.

Does my writing assignment submission check the following boxes?

Resource Table 1: Formatting Requirement Checklist
Check Box Requirements
   Proper use of headers: full name on the left side an assignment number on the right side 
One inch margins all around the page
12 point serif font such as Times New Roman (What is a serif font?)
Double-spaced text
      Essay is 200-300 words
Submitted in .doc or .docx format
APA citation style properly employed both for in-text citations and a reference list

Only the final draft is required, but if you'd like to submit all three to demonstrate your thought process throughout your editorial revisions, go for it!


Please note that while the formatting is no longer built into the grading rubric, failure to meet all standard formatting requirements as described above could result in up to a 10% reduction in your submission grade.

Writing Assignments 7-12 Rubric
Criteria Points Possible
Utilizes course content and external content (recommended unless explicitly required in the assignment prompt) to create a compelling argument supported in science. 15

Thoroughly edited for spelling, grammatical, and other technical errors. (In other words, a clean finished product.)

Writing is clear and effective.  Does not reply on first person or overly casual language. Demonstrates command of covered writing symposia topics to date. 25
Accurately answers all facets of the question asked. (This component of the grading rubric is specifically tailored in the Canvas grading rubric for each lesson.) 50