Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Formatting Requirements


Formatting Requirements

This exam employs specific formatting requirements.  Please read through this carefully and let your instructor know if you have any questions.

Each final copy of an essay is submitted in its own Canvas dropbox. 

GEOG 438W Exam Formatting Requirements
Formatting Criteria

Left Header:  Full Name 
Right Header:  'Exam #' (How do I create a header?)

Hint:  Do not just write your name at the top of the first page, this is not a header.  Follow that link to learn how to do this the right way.

Each essay (if applicable) has its own Reference List (if Reference List won't fit on the last page of that essay in its entirety, then page break it to its own page)
Question text appears at the start of each essay in bold, single-spaced text
One inch margins on all sides
12 point serif font such as Times New Roman (What is a serif font?)
Adheres to prescribed word count range 

How do I submit my essays and my drafts?  (Good question!)

  1. The edited draft of each essay should be uploaded as a file attachment to the corresponding question in the self-assessment.  The edited draft can be done by hand*, or through Track Changes in Word, whichever you feel will help you edit more thoroughly. (Help!  What is Track Changes and how do I do THAT?)
  2. The final draft of each essay should be uploaded as a Word document to the corresponding dropbox in Canvas. This final draft should be clean (does not show editorial revisions).

If you choose to submit your editorial markup as a scan of handwritten edits you make to your own writing, it is your responsibility to ensure the document you submit prior to the deadline, is clearly legible.

Double-spacing for essays
Single-spacing for each Works Cited entry with a hanging indent (How do I do a hanging indent?); double space between entries
Correct citation formatting for both parenthetical citations and Reference Lists
Maximum 15% of word count for direct quotes; maximum another 15% for paraphrased quotes