Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Reading Reflections


Each week, you'll complete a brief Canvas quiz in which you answer some simple questions about the week's reading assignments and content. They will be a mix of automatically graded questions (of the multiple choice or true/false variety) and open ended questions I'll manually grade.

To me, these are less of a quiz and more of a one-on-one conversation between you and I to make sure you're understanding the material and feeling good about your performance in the class. It's a way for me to check in on your progress and for us to address any issues before they become more problematic. And, frankly, it's a way to make sure you're keeping up with the reading so that you don't get totally blindsided by it all when the exam rolls around at the end of the unit. So, these Reading Reflections will be a low stakes way for us to make sure we're all moving along at (relatively) the same pace.