Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Unit 3: Our Climate Stories

Unit 3: Our Climate Stories Assignment
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Finding the silver linings: Impacts on human health, water quality and availability, and damage to our coastal cities - we talk about a lot of unsettling topics this unit.

  1. What worries you the most, and why?
  2. In addition to sharing with us your concerns, offer up evidence and discussion of hopeful action you find (either in the form of news articles, scientific discoveries or promising research, political activism, or grass roots work).
Instructions and Grading

The formatting and submission guidelines for these assignments are unique, designed to be fun and encourage creativity, and deliberately open-ended. Please see Our Climate Stories to ensure you understand expectations and grading criteria for these assignments.

What should I actually turn in? This is really up to you. You can choose to write this up as a post with links or make us a video of you talking about the idea, an infographic or brochure, whatever you think works best to convey your thoughts and findings. This is your chance to be creative with how you communicate about the topics we're learning about this semester. We're going to do a lot of writing elsewhere, so feel free to express yourself in other ways with these assignments.