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Writing Workshop: Part I


This Writing Workshop will cover paragraph basics, transitions, and assorted writing problems.

Paragraph Basics

We will be focusing on writing good paragraphs this semester. We can learn many writing skills without writing volumes! In addition, drafting, writing, and rewriting one paragraph means that we can develop the important habit of revising our work.

In this Writing Workshop, we'll start with fundamental, related topics: paragraph structure and paragraph development. This material comes from two sources: Indiana University Writing Tutorial Services (2004), “Paragraphs and Topic Sentences,” and Sheboygan Falls School District (2002-2008), “Falcon Skills & Style Handbook: Language Arts Across the Curriculum."


Transitions help the reader understand relationships between ideas and follow the discussion’s flow by providing signposts. Transitions can be words, such as "consequently," or phrases, such as "on the other hand." They are used between clauses, sentences, paragraphs or sections. 

Assorted Writing Problems

The third topic in this Writing Workshop is assorted writing problems. There are many little problems that can degrade even the best writing, making it less effective and causing the writer to seem less articulate. Some of the problems addressed here will seem picky, and others will seem obscure, but avoiding them will immediately improve your writing.