Human Dimensions of Global Warming

Exam Grading Rubric


You'll want to look closely at the exam rubric for a few reasons:

  1. This is your road map to earning a great grade on the exam!  
  2. You'll be completing this for each essay and submitting with your self-assessment. The instructor will also add feedback to your rubric and then we'll compare and discuss our 2 assessments of your work.

Download a Word document version of this grading rubric.

GEOG 438W Exam Grading Rubric
Exceptional Very Good Adequate Inadequate Incomplete or incorrect
Answers the question accurately Yes! I think I answered this question correctly and thoroughly! I feel like I've covered most of the facets of the question, but maybe I left out some minor details. I've answered the question with some detail, but maybe it's not enough? I don't think I answered the question thoroughly enough. Maybe I just didn't know the answer well enough or maybe I went off on a tangent. I think I missed the boat on this one. I'm not sure I answered this question correctly or completely.
Demonstrates genuine understanding of the human dimensions of climate change in the context of the question I feel confident in how I was able to talk about the human dimensions of the issues in this question. I'm connecting the dots! I made some good connections between the human dimensions and the physical science based on the question, but I think I probably missed some minor details along the way. I connected the human dimensions to the physical science, but I'm not sure I've done it as thoroughly as I could have. I struggled to connect the human dimensions to the physical science, I need to think more about how to connect these dots for next time. I don't know that I've made any compelling connections between human dimensions and the physical science.
Supports answer effectively and appropriately with credible sources I have wowed the instructor with data and evidence! I've justified my position solidly with credible evidence. I'm feeling pretty good about my evidence supporting my position, but there might be a few spots that could use a bit more support. I've supported statements throughout, but I'm not sure this is enough to be a strongly supported position on this issue. I need to work on this for next time. I don't really know how/when/where to integrate support. I haven't supported my answers with evidence from outside sources at all, I've just made my statements and let them stand on their own.
Composes well-structured and organized writing with good paragraph formation, grammar, and style Wow! I wrote this? I'm a better writer than I imagined! I think this is well-written and it turns out proofreading really does help! This is really good! I'm proud of this and know that if I had a bit more time, I could tweak it to be even better! Not bad. I'm pretty proud of this writing, but I think I've got a lot to learn still about organizing my thoughts and conveying them clearly. Well...I tried.  But the things that made sense in my head didn't come out as clearly as I hoped when I tried to write the essay. This is not a shining example of the writing I know I can do. Whether I faltered on time management or just struggle to write, I know that I need to work harder for next time to get my writing in shape.
Implements all published formatting requirements, including submission of edited draft Nailed it! I feel confident that I got the formatting right. I think I've gotten most of the formatting correct, but there were a few things I wasn't sure about. I've attempted to get the formatting right, but I don't think it's quite what it needs to be. I need to work harder on formatting for the next exam. I haven't gotten many of the requirements correct. Formatting requirements?  Uh-oh.