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Managing Your Time


Why are we talking about time management?

We all procrastinate things to some extent - some of us more than others of course.  Writing is no exception to this rule. One of the most accurate predictors of a student's success in this class is their ability to manage their time completing assignments - especially the larger writing assignments.  This workshop is not designed to cure any of us of our procrastinating ways so much as it is to acknowledge them and the role they play in the quality of the work you submit and the overall learning you take away from your courses.  By understanding what triggers pitfalls our pitfalls in time management, we can anticipate those scenarios and plan around them.  And bit by bit, we can chip away at the habits that have us all racing against deadlines.

First, let's think about the ways we procrastinate and sabotage our own time management.

You don't have to pick just one!  Your instructor is a Cleaner-List Maker-Social Sharer-Snacker (though I'd argue the list making can actually help).  Without question, my house was never cleaner than when I was supposed to be writing my graduate thesis.  SPOTLESS.

Field Guide to Procrastination by Angela Liao illustrating twelve types of procrastinators:  The Cleaner, The Panicker, The List maker, The Napper, The Sidetracker, The Social Sharer, The Internet Researcher, The Snacker, The Gamer, The Watcher, The Delegator, The Perpetuator
A Field Guide to Procrastinators by Angela Liao of 20px
Credit: Twenty Pixels (2013)