GEOG 468
GIS Analysis and Design



Course Questions

Any questions and concerns regarding the course and the course web site (not ANGEL) should be directed to the instructor. This information is listed on the course syllabus and should be accessed to obtain the instructor's contact information.

Reporting Technical Problems

If you experience technology problems with ANGEL, please contact the World Campus Help Desk [].

It is in your own best interest to be as specific as you possibly can. Vague descriptions of a problem only delay assistance. Try to include information such as:

  • Indicate the specific course page, quiz question, etc. you were on, what you attempted to do when that failed, and the exact language of any error message displayed on your screen
  • The date and time when your problem occurred
  • Any other pertinent information (does the problem happen consistently and always in the same way, etc.)

A member of the World Campus Help Desk will be in contact with you to assist you.