GEOG 468
GIS Analysis and Design

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Welcome to GEOG 468

My name is Todd Bacastow. I am a Professor of Practice in the Dutton e-Education Institute at The Pennsylvania State University. I have over twenty-five years experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), curriculum development, training delivery, and the instruction of geospatial technologies with extensive work in designing, producing, managing, and delivering training programs and services. I currently teach GIS and manage a program in geospatial intelligence at the Pennsylvania State University and have previously taught Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing at the United States Military Academy. My key work experience includes:

  • As faculty at Penn State University and the United States Military Academy, planned and conducted over sixty college and professional courses, workshops, executive bootcamps, and conferences in Geographic Information Systems, Relational Database design, and web-based information technologies.
  • Served as a consultant to industry.
  • Conceived, make operational, and managed the Pennsylvania's node on the National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
  • Worked with numerous federal, state agencies and local government agencies.
  • Testified before committees of the state legislature.
  • Served as an expert consultant/witness concerning patent litigation.
  • Served on numerous state and regional planning committees and councils.
  • Defined requirements, directing software development, and conducted introductory training for the first GIS delivered to field elements of the US Army.
- Todd Bacastow