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What You'll Learn in GEOG 479

This course examines key GEOINT themes and issues regarding the geographies of cyberspace, the geopolitics of cyberwar, techniques that might be employed in such a conflict, and how censorship, regulation, and political action are enabled by the internet. Students will interrogate a range of information systems, the emerging landscapes of the Internet and their impacts on intelligence work.

Technologies You'll Use

Students who take Cyber-Geography in Geospatial Intelligence will use:

  • Students in this course will use NodeXL to analyze network data.

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Degree & Certificate Programs

This class is part of Penn State's award winning Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs, which includes the Master of GIS degree and certificates in GIS, GEOINT, and Remote Sensing. All of these programs are taught online and designed around the needs of working professionals.

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What Our Students Say

"As far as geospatial analysis is concerned, the world is getting smaller yet infinitely more complex. The tools and analytical techniques I learned from this course … support my job leading a tactical intelligence team for one of the world’s most popular social media companies. Every week, I turn to my notes from GEOG 479 for help in completing an investigation."

- Bryan Parent

"I serve on the team that does threat assessment at a college. GEOG 479 was an invaluable course to broaden my thinking and make me aware of many tools available for this type of work. Professor Thomas challenged us with a variety of projects and was always responsive to our questions."

- Bob Myers

"This is a fantastic course that uses real-world examples to learn about geospatial analysis. Throughout the course, projects focus on current events and practical applications to learn about the importance of geospatial intelligence in a changing world."

- Dani Sadorf

Meet the Faculty

Panagiotis Giannakis

Online Geospatial Education Programs

This course is part of Penn State’s Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs. For more information on our award-winning courses, certificates, and degree options, click below.