GEOG 479
Cyber-Geography in Geospatial Intelligence

Assignment 5 (Due End of Week 4)


Recorded Future’s technology uses linguistic algorithms to extract temporal signals from unstructured text and organize that unstructured text into a multi-dimensional structure for analysis. In doing so, it identifies the underlying associations between entities and events across documents and sources over time. This text comes from tens of thousands of web sources, from government filings to mainstream media to niche publications to personal blogs to Twitter feeds. From this dataset of unstructured text, events are often described with both who is involved as well as when and where the events will be happening. Recorded Futures organizes data around entities, events, and dates referred to in the text, specific patterns emerge to reveal both what has occurred in the past as well as what is expected to happen in the future. There is a white paper online that details the technology.

Step 1. Go to the URL . This is the online "Gallery" of publicly viewable blogs done using the software by various analysts.

Step 2. Peruse the list of analyses posted to the Recorded Future website.

The deliverable in this will be a PowerPoint (5-6 slides) sent as an attachment to the Discussion area with an explanation/critique based on your experience and analysis.

Can you deduce anything else that the writer/analyst might have missed?