GEOG 481
Topographic Mapping with Lidar

Orientation Activities


Now that you've had a chance to learn about the course and the online learning environment, you'll have a chance to submit a few deliverables that are representative of those you will encounter throughout the course.

Orientation Survey (5 points)

  • Complete the Orientation Survey located in the Lesson 0 module in Canvas. In this survey, we collect some basic information about your computer and Internet access so we can better help you if you have a technical problem with the courseware or lab activities.

Personal Introduction (5 points)

Your instructor will designate the format for introductions, either using a Canvas Discussion Forum or  VoiceThread. Regardless of the format, please answer the following questions.

  • Who are you? Where are you from?
  • What do you do when you are not taking this class?
  • What is your experience in the geospatial field?
  • What is your interest in this course?
  • Tell us about a favorite hobby.

If a Canvas Discussion Forum is assigned, please insert (embed within the post, not attach a file) a relevant photo in the text of your introduction post using the HTML editor. Disregard the remaining instructions that relate to VoiceThread.

If VoiceThread is assigned, you can click on the assignment in Canvas to post a short presentation using PowerPoint.  The VoiceThread should simulate a presentation you would give live in front of an audience. Format your slides appropriately and add voice over narration using the VoiceThread commenting tools.

Lesson 0 Lab 1 (10 points)

  • Complete Lesson 0 Lab 1. Submit using the Lab Deliverable link in Canvas. The lab itself will explain how to submit your lab work using the Canvas assessment used for the deliverable.

Lesson 0 Lab 2 (10 points)

  • Complete Lesson 0 Lab 2, which will guide you through the software installations for this course.


If you have any questions now or at any point during this week, please feel free to post them to the General Questions and Comments Discussion Forum in Canvas.