GEOG 483
Problem Solving with GIS

Welcome to GEOG 483: Problem-Solving with GIS!


New to GEOG 483?

If this is your first visit to this open course website, please take some time to become familiar with the assignments and course environment. This website is available for prospective students to determine if GEOG 483 is right for them.

This website provides course concepts and overviews of the lessons for the course. The Lessons and deliverables for the class are located in Canvas. Registered students have a Penn State Id and password to log into Canvas. Communication calendaring, and submission tools for the course also appear in Canvas.

Quick Facts about GEOG 483

  • Instructor: Beth King
  • Course Structure: An average of 12 hours per week for 10 weeks. Your workload may be more or less, depending on your prior experience with computing in general, and with GIS in particular.
  • Overview: GEOG 483 is the second in a series of four courses that leads to Penn State's Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (the traditional track), and counts toward the Master of GIS. Over the next ten weeks you will encounter 8 lessons and one final project. These lessons will cover vector and raster analysis, attribute and spatial queries, joins and links, buffers, address geocoding, cartographic design, thematic mapping, surface interpolation, and much more. There will five projects to complete, four quizzes, graded discussions, and a final exam that count toward your course grade. Lessons are project-based and provide links to key concepts.