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If this is your first visit to this course website, please take some time to become familiar with the assignments and course environment by going to the Orientation linked from the blue bar above. Carefully and completely go through the sections of the Course Orientation. The sections of the Course Orientation are in some cases quite different from the corresponding sections in the previous two courses.

This website, referred to as the Course Text, provides the primary instructional material for the course. It can be accessed directly, without going through the Canvas interface, via this website. The Resources menu links to important supporting materials, while the GEOG 484 menu at the right links to the course lessons. Canvas, Penn State's course management system, supports the delivery of this course by providing the primary communications, calendaring, and homework submission tools for the course.

  • Instructors: Michelle Zeiders and Brandi Gaertner
  • Course Structure: Online, a minimum of 10 to 12 hours a week for 10 weeks. Your time investment will be greater or less depending on your prior experience with computing in general, and with GIS in particular.
  • Overview: GEOG 484 is the third in a series of four courses that leads to Penn State's Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and can be applied toward the Penn State Master of Geographic Information Systems degree. The course consists of software-based projects, and explanations and discussions of concepts having to do with how GIS software can be used to integrate geographic data compiled from various sources. Students who successfully complete the course are able to specify and perform the tasks involved in creating a digital geographic database, including georeferencing scanned base maps, digitizing vector features, entering attribute data, and compiling metadata. Geography 484 requires use of Esri's ArcGIS software. Prerequisite: GEOG 483 or similar experience
  • Lessons: There will be a new lesson each week for the first six weeks of the course. The Final Project, which spans the remaining 4 weeks and has weekly deliverables, is revealed all at once. Each lesson will begin with an introduction that explains the goals of the lesson, provides background information, and gives an overview of the lesson activities. The remainder of the lesson consists of activities that are designed to reach the overall learning goals of the lesson. Read carefully the instructions in the lessons. A high percentage of problems that people request help with are due to missing a step, or misreading an instruction.
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