GEOG 485:
GIS Programming and Software Development

Instructors Information


Instructor for Summer 2018 (May - July)

Jan Oliver Wallgrün

Teaching Assistants: Jimmy Kroon, Rossana Grzinic, and Carrie Tropasso will be assisting with the grading of your assignments (A grader will be assigned to you during the first teaching weeks once enrollments are finalised).

Email: Please use the course e-mail system (it ensures your emails don't get caught up in any spam filters). I check e-mail regularly and will do my best to respond to questions at least once per weekday and once on weekends unless I notify you otherwise. If Canvas is down you can try

Office hours: By appointment.

I have been working as a researcher and instructor at the Penn State Geography department, but a few years ago moved back to Germany where I am originally from. I am a computer scientist by training with my master and Ph.D. both being in Informatics. However, I have been working in the areas of GIS and GIScience for a decade now. In my residential courses at Penn State, I have been teaching introductory courses to GIS and GIScience, geospatial data management and spatial databases, and object-oriented programming for GIScience. I am still conducting research in affiliation with the Penn State GeoVISTA Center focusing on problems of spatial and spatio-temporal modeling and reasoning, as well as the interpretation and processing of human descriptions of spatial knowledge such as natural language descriptions or sketch maps. I am also interested in algorithmic problems of spatial data integration, matching, and query processing as a basis to build "intelligent" spatial retrieval and assistance systems.


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