GEOG 486
Cartography and Visualization

Submitting a Draft for the Class


Feedback on cartographic work is very useful. For that reason I have introduced a peer review into the capstone project. I would like everyone to provide his/her map to the class for comments and suggestions. You will each do two peer reviews, and then each of you will use the reviews you received to revise your maps for final project submission.

A. Goals

  • Finish a solid draft of the design, symbolization, and layout of your map, including marginal map elements (title, legend, text, scale, north arrow, etc...).
  • Critique the design, layout, symbology, typography, and visual hierarchy of two peer capstone maps (see specific note below with regard to whose projects to review).

B. Deliverables

This completed draft is due at the end of Tuesday for Week 9 (as if it were the Week 9 assignment). See the calendar in Canvas for the specific due date.

  1. Export your map as a PNG
    • File > Export Map...
    • Navigate to appropriate lesson folder
    • Name it "LASTname_FIRSTinitial_CapstoneDraft" (using your name)
    • Save as type: PNG
    • In the expanded Options menu, on the General tab, set the Resolution to 100 dpi. (Recall 72 dpi is suggested for online images, but 100 dpi will make the images a bit larger when viewed at full size. This will be useful for viewing each other's work.)
    • On the Format tab, make sure the Color Mode is set to 24-bit True Color
    • Click the Save button
  2. Submit the PNG image of your map via the Create Submission link at right (must be logged in to see link). Select Capstone Project Draft for Assignment Type

    • Enter name for Author

    • Enter title of map

    • Under Map Image File, browse for the PNG file version of your draft. Click Upload

    • Click Save

  3. Review the two peer maps assigned to you. Assigned maps are of the person who is before you AND the person who is after you on the class roster in Canvas. This way everyone will get two peer reviews. To write your review:

    • Click on the Title link that is above the map image when viewing the Map Gallery page for Capstone Drafts.

    • Write your peer review in the comment box. Specifically, I would like you to critically comment - in depth - to your peer about:

      • the reading of the map as a whole: discuss what is unclear or could be better communicated; is the purpose clear? how could the design be improved or simplified to fit the purpose?

      • the visual hierarchy, layout, figure-ground and the graphic design of the map, including typography

      • the representation, symbolization, classification, and labeling, e.g. are the appropriate types of data representations used? do the visual variables fit with the logic of the data?

      • the marginalia: do the marginal items support the data in the map in a useful way? how could they be improved or simplified?

      • other comments, thoughts, ideas, suggestions that might not be touched on in the above bullets

    • Click Save

  4. Look through other submitted Capstone Drafts, and comment with suggestions or compliments as much as you like or have time for. It is very useful and important to get outside feedback on a map. You can also ask questions for others about your own map, and reply to comments made by others on your own map. Use a critical eye when reviewing, but also please remember that we all have different levels of experience with cartography, the software, and the subject domain of these maps.