GEOG 486
Cartography and Visualization

Assignments and Map Gallery Help


Registered students in GEOG 486 will submit the majority of their projects for the class via the "Create Submission" link under the "Assignments" heading on the right-side menu. Most lessons will have more detailed information about what to upload on the "Lesson Project Tasks" page for each lesson. Below is generic information on how to submit an assignment, and how the Map Gallery works.

Adding Assignments

Use the "Create Submission" link to upload assignments. The page should look similar to the image below.

On the "Create Assignment" page:

  • Select the lesson number and assignment you are submitting from the required "Assignment Type" dropdown, e.g. "Lesson 1 map"
  • Type your name in the required "Author" field.
  • Type the title of your map or assignment in the required "Title" field.
  • If you are submitting an image file, browse to the image using the "Browse" button located under the "Map Image File" section. Click the "Upload" button upon selection of the image. Image files must be either a png, gif, or jpeg.
  • If you are submitting a document that is not an image, browse to the file using the "Browse" button located under "Assignment File" section. Click the "Upload" button upon seleciton of the file. Document files must be either a txt, zip, pdf, doc, and docx.
  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the page when you are ready to submit your assignment.

After you save the submission, you will see your uploaded image and/or document surrounded by a pink box. This means that the page is not public, and the only people that can see it include the person submitting it, the instructor, and site administrators.

Map Gallery

If map assignments are made public (by the instructor), they become visible publically in the Map Gallery. The Map Gallery functions in two ways, 1) like an album of images that can be paged through, and 2) like a discussion forum for each image.

Below is an image showing an example initial view of the Map Gallery (but images may differ).

What to be aware of in the Map Gallery

  • Changing the Assignment Type, via the drop-down menu, will change the set of maps/images shown, based on the assignment designated by you, and peers, upon upload.
  • The titles along the top of the images are links that lead to the comment page for each image.
  • Clicking on the images themselves will zoom into the maps. There you can page through all the maps in the gallery with the navigation buttons or keyboard arrows. But to get to the comments you have to go back to the main Map Gallery page and click on the title(s).

How we will use the Map Gallery

We will use the Map Gallery throughout GEOG 486, but in different ways in different lessons.

  • In Lesson 1, we use the Map Gallery to see and discuss the maps we chose to review for the visual communication portion of the lesson assignment.
  • In Lessons 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, we use the Map Gallery to view each other's work after all work (for each lesson) has been submitted. The goal is to get ideas from each other and to open up discussion on map design.
  • For the Capstone Project we use the Map Gallery to do our Peer Reviews and see each other's work.

Posting Comments to the Map Gallery

To post a comment on a map:

  • Click on the Title link that is above the map image when viewing the main Map Gallery page.
  • Click the "add new comment" button under the image to add a comment unrelated to another comment.
  • If replying to a previous comment, click the "reply" button under the comment you are replying to.
  • Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of any page to submit the comment.
  • You will be able to edit your own comments, but not others'.

NOTE: Earlier comments appear before later ones, comments are only visible to people logged-in to GEOG 486, and comments will be cleared at the end of each term.

If you have any questions, or any of the information on this page is unclear, post in the "General Questions and Discussion" forum in Canvas, or email me.