GEOG 486
Cartography and Visualization

Critique #4


Critique #4

For Critique #4, you will be reviewing a classmate's lab from Lab 6: Terrain and Trails Visualization. Lab 6 focused on terrain visualization, as well as the symbolization of overlay data to create a map for the imagined Paradise Valley Trail run in San Francisco, California. While completing this critique, you should attempt to view your classmate's map from the perspective of its intended reader - a registered trail runner or one of their supporters. In other words, how successful do you think the map would be, for example, assisting you navigating or competing in the race?

For this assignment, write a 300+ word critique of your classmate’s Lesson 6 Lab (as assigned).

In your written critique please describe:

  • three things you think the map does very well,
  • three suggestions you have for improvement.

Your map critique should be constructive and, as suggested above, should focus as much on what the map does well as it does on suggestions for improvement. Due to this lab's specific focus on map audience and purpose, you may find it helpful to reflect upon for whom (e.g., runners vs. spectators) elements of the map's design might be most helpful. You should connect your ideas back to concepts we have discussed in the course content thus far.

Please list the student name of the map you have been assigned at the top of the page.

Grading Criteria

A rubric is posted for your review.

Submission Instructions

You will work on Critique #4 during Lesson 7 and submit it at the end of Lesson 7.

Step 1: Upon notification of the Peer Review (Critique), go to Lesson 6: Lab 6 Assignment. You will see your assignment to peer review. (Note: You will be notified that you have a peer review in the Recent Activity Stream and the To-Do list. Once peer reviews are assigned, you will also be notified via email.)

Step 2: Download/view your classmate's Lab.

Step 3: Write up your critique using the prompts above in a Word document. Be sure to also review the rubric in which you will be graded for Critique #4 for more guidance. Save your Word document as a PDF. Use the naming convention outlined below.

  • LastName_Critique4.pdf

Step 4: In order to complete the Peer Review/Critique, you must add a comment in the comment sidebar in the assignment. Your comment will be in the form of your PDF as an attachment.

Step 5: When you're finished, click the Save Comment button. You may need to refresh your browser to see that you've completed the required steps for the peer review.

Note: Lesson 7: Critique #4 is for grading purposes only. You will not submit anything there, but you can view the rubric and your grade for the Critique once completed.