GEOG 487
Environmental Challenges in Spatial Data Science

Summary and Deliverables


Summary and Deliverables

In Lesson 4, we explored several techniques to interpret data and compare multiple datasets over time. Lesson 4 concludes the two-part lesson in which we completed the typical required steps in a GIS workflow (acquire or create new data, understand data content and limitations, customize data for your project, design & run analysis, interpret results, present results). In Lessons 5-8, we will demonstrate how to use several tools in ArcGIS, AGO, and Spatial Analyst to address a variety of specific environmental questions.

Lesson 4 Deliverables

Lesson 4 is worth a total of 100 points.

  1. (60 points) Lesson 4 Quiz
  2. (40 points) Lesson 4 Discussion Post. To submit your assignment, make a post in the Lesson 4 Blog Post [Deliverable] discussion. Include your name and the elements below:
    • Map layout.
    • Reflection: In ~500 words, discuss the process of communicating the kind of information from Lesson 4 in a cartographic medium, thinking specifically about the map elements you used in the activity. In what ways is a static map an effective vehicle for communicating this data? What audience would best benefit from these maps? In what ways was it challenging to present this data in map form? Would you have have packaged or presented this data to better communicate your message?
  3. Peer Review (optional): Explore other students' submission and add a short comment on their post.
Lesson 4 Rubric
Map Layout The layout is posted and includes the required elements (6 map frames and an overview map, legend, scale bar, north arrow, titles, water levels, data sources, and author). (20pts) The layout is present but is missing one or two required elements. (15pts) The layout is present but map is missing several elements or is poorly designed. (10pts) Map is missing. (0pts) 20pts
Reflection Discussion is present and includes ~500 words addressing ways in which maps are effective, challenges to communicating this data, and other presentation options. (15pts) Discussion is present but is missing a required topic. (10pts) Discussion is present but is missing several required topics. (5pts) Discussion is missing. (0pts) 15pts
Prose Quality Is free or almost free of errors (complete sentences, student's own words, grammar, spelling, etc.). (5pts) Has errors, but they don't represent a major distraction. (2pts) Has errors that obscure meaning of content or add confusion. (0pts) 5pts
TOTAL 40pts

Tell us about it!

If you have anything you'd like to comment on, or add to the lesson materials, feel free to post your thoughts in the Lesson 4 Discussion. For example, what did you have the most trouble with in this lesson? Was there anything useful here that you'd like to try in your own workplace?