GEOG 487
Environmental Applications of GIS

Lesson 7 Overview


Lesson 7 Overview


You have been hired by a conservation group to determine how selective logging practices have changed a rainforested area in the Congo Basin of Central Africa. You must use ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst to determine the number of forest fragments that have been created by logging roads. You also need to characterize the habitat quality of each forest fragment in terms of the ratio of interior to edge habitat, the edge to area ratio, the thickness, and the overall area.


At the successful completion of Lesson 7, you will have:

  • converted vector data to raster data using Spatial Analyst;
  • created raster regions using Spatial Analyst;
  • calculated thickness, area, and perimeter of raster regions;
  • shared analysis results created in ArcGIS using ArcGIS Online.


If you have questions now or at any point during this lesson, please feel free to post them to the Lesson 7 Discussion.